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"Fusion Reunion" Meaning


Dwight was the one who inspired me to come up with the name for our reunion.  He came to my house a few months ago on his way to Cayucos and we spoke for over 2 hours after not seeing or talking to each other for over 50 years.  

He later mused in an email that we needed to come up with a better name than just a reunion, because this was going to be something very special.  We all could feel it.

His vision of what this reunion could be inspired the Fusion Reunion name and Debra Cacy (Ezelle) added the much needed 50th part to show the amazing significance of this event.

Please read below what I suppose is our mission statement for our 50th Class Fusion Reunion

Pam Stanley


Fusion:   A distinct entity formed by the combining of two or more different things

The 50th Fusion Reunion Class of 1971 and Friends

There is only one group of people who attended EUHS and graduated in 1971.  We didn't know it then, but whether you were part of the class of 1971 for one year or all 4 years, you all became part of a fusion the day you arrived on campus...a fusion that would last the rest of your life!

We've each got at least one friend from our 1971 class we've counted on to share the news of the new job, or cared that we actually graduated from junior college, or made it home safely from the war... who supported us when our legs were wobbling too much to stand on our own, cheered us with the birth of a new generation...or bailed us out of jail at least once. :)

We've got stories to share with each other and other stories to tell about one another.  These are the stories that have been shaping our lives individually for over 50 years...let's share them and watch this Fusion become immense in its reach to offer support, caring and inspiration to all of us.  This website is being built to establish a place to share these stories and we will notify you with each development of the new place for these stories.

Thanks to all of us for wanting to make this reunion a most unique experience...a chance to meet each other with welcoming arms, thankfulness for what the established relationships have meant over the years, and openness to develop new relationships with our fellow classmates, continuing to build this 1971 Class Fusion for years to come.