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Take this short Reunion Travel Survey!


It's not too early to begin planning on travel and lodging for April 2022. We want EVERYONE to make it back for the 52nd, 51st or 50th reunion of Monarchs.

~ There are still many classmates who live locally and have an extra bedroom and are willing and happy to share that space with a classmate coming from out of town. We want to encourage this as it increases the social interaction among old friends and it saves the travelers $$.

~ We have a travel fund made up of donations from classmates!  This is available to take away that $$ reason for not coming. smiley 

~ If you'd be willing or able to make donations to this fund please indicate on the survey.

(Only Dwight Miller, Susan Sherer Rath and Pam Stanley, the co-administrators of this website, will be privvy to information from this survey.

I'm getting psyched! 

Please take a moment to complete the survey below. 



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1)   I plan on attending the Reunion weekend.

2)   I'm coming from out of town and I'd like to stay with a host family. Please help connect me to a host.

3)   I may need transportation from the Airport in Fresno.

4)   I am happy to pick up travelers at the Airport and get them to their destination in/or near Exeter.

5)   I am traveling in an RV and would like a place to park for the weekend.

6)   I live locally and have space for RV parking.

7)   I may need some financial assistance defraying the cost of the travel.

8)   I am able to assist with the travel fund and willing to make a donation to support traveling classmates.

9)   I have local accommodations and I'd be happy to host a friend for the weekend.