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Follow up survey

It's been a month since our big weekend. I trust most have you have had a chance to look at some of the photos on the site. We could have had more but the ones there reflect the spirit pretty well.

As we mentioned before, we wanted to follow up asking for feedback from as many as possible. The questions below reflect the conversation of the committee at our zoom meeting recently.

In order to keep the website current, if you change addresses or you hear of a classmate passing please send that info along to Susan or Dwight.

And because we'd like to keep this going, please continue to look for classmates who have not created a profile yet and encourage them to log in. It would be great to keep adding members who we missed this time.

In questions 1-6 below, please give your top three comments (suggestions or what you liked or would change) about the weekend events:  

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.

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1)   EUHS Tour?

2)   Reception at Alumni Park?

3)   Karaoke Night at the Rock Yard Tavern?

4)   Saturday reception at the Art Gallery?

5)   Saturday dinner?

6)   Sunday Memorial?

7)   Many have said they'd like to meet again sooner than later and keeping it in the middle 2026 would be the five year mark.

This survey ended on 06/22/2022.